Bush Food

The timing is right for Aboriginal people to consider innovative land uses such as the production of bush foods and sandalwood. In 2012 the Australian Government identified that the Australian Native Food industry was very much under developed, delivering a ‘farm gate’ production value estimated to be between $15 million and $25 million, with direct employment of between 500 and 1000 people.

Currently the demand for Australian bush foods across the country is by far exceeding supply. Some of our members have planted bush food species such as youlk (native bush potato), wattles and quandongs. With the support from the Aboriginal Business Development Unit and DPIRD, we are developing the knowledge and skills required to successfully establish bush food species. Our members are likely to become commercial producers of bush foods in the near future with the idea of capitalising on the market opportunities that are growing.

We will continue to support the operations of our members to grow bush foods by managing funded projects , testing and developing the techniques of growing bush food, and selecting the best species and cultivars to grow. There will also be continual engagement with the Noongar community with regards to cultural sensitivities and appropriateness of growing various bush foods.