Environment, culture and wellbeing

We have identified ‘looking after country’ (environmental management), cultural connectivity and rejuvenation, and wellbeing and healing as interconnected in how our land assets are managed. While we are on a pathway to economic development, it is the environmental, cultural and social aspirations which provide the motivation and inspiration for our business aspirations.

We place a high value on the ‘sense of place’ for our members on our traditional lands. This sense of place refers to our members having the opportunity for respite, healing, safety, contentment, belonging and experience in Noongar culture associated with people and their surrounding land. Living on country provides opportunities for members to recover from health issues and replenish wellbeing. There are also opportunities to provide our young people with a safe and supportive environment to grow, learn and mature within a culturally relevant context.

We aim to both connect and reconnect our members to their family’s country and language. We aim to protect and nurture our country for future generations. As the surrounding land of our properties is also culturally significant, we hope to create a cultural hub for the area. We have identified opportunities to share our knowledge of country, and this has shaped some of our business aspirations such as cultural tourism and bush foods. These types of business opportunities promote an openness to learning and the sharing of information to both Noongar and non-Noongar people, which will help contribute to the success of our enterprises.