• To be collaborative and committed to working in partnership with Noongar landholders to drive industry and land based enterprises.
  • To promote agriculture and business opportunities based on research, development and innovation.
  • To be a leader of Aboriginal agriculture in the southwest and to build Noongar participation.
  • To acquire knowledge, upgrade practices and upskill members.
  • To experiment with innovative practices and share knowledge.
  • To provide support for social and cultural development.
  • To drive genuine change for Aboriginal people – by moving out of the poverty and welfare cycle and into the mainstream economy, and by building connection to country and culture.

Business Priorities

The key business priorities involve focussing on factors critical to developing the commercial, economic and social success of the member enterprises. These will include:

  • Working with members to develop their collaborative economies of scale.
  • Assisting with compiling the business analytics of NLE members. This will describe all current members businesses including; a production focus, output, sales, infrastructure and resources, business practices, employment and training as well as looking at strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • The investigation and provision of up-to-date information and research to improve commercial farming practises.
  • Advocating on behalf of our members on issues that will improve their farm productivity and commercial practice.
  • Disseminating commercial information to members.
  • Promoting and organising training and education on good farm practices, governance and commercial business practices.
  • Conducting on-farm research and stage trials, and demonstrations on sites. The research will be local and address key issues and and challenges for Noongar Boodjar (country).
Above:  Lifetime Ewe Management Training at Dowrene Farm, Cranbrook

Above: Lifetime Ewe Management Training at Dowrene Farm, Cranbrook