Similarly there is a strong demand for sandalwood due to the aromatic oils found in mature wood and the reduced supply from alternative sources6. Recently a new sandalwood refinery was opened in Western Australia which is a joint venture between Aboriginal people (Dutjahn Custodians) and the Western Australian Sandalwood company.

The refinery will hit full capacity by March 2018, with the ability to process 240 tonnes of wild and plantation-grown Australian sandalwood into 4000kg of oil with a market value of $8 million a year 6. Sandalwood is a natural fit species to grow, particularly in rehabilitated or revegetated parts of properties. It allows a potential income source through harvesting once sandalwood trees reach suitable maturity, approximately 10-15 years old (depending on the species). We will continue to provide training opportunities and inform the sandalwood industry of the potential supply of sandalwood from Noongar managed properties.