Wongutha CAPS has a well established sheep enterprise at Esperance, which is integral to vocational training for Aboriginal students. Recently Dowrene Farm Aboriginal Corporation (DFAC) launched a sheep enterprise on their land west of Cranbrook with a loan and funding from the Indigenous Land Corporation and Indigenous Business Australia.

DFAC demonstrated to the funding bodies “readiness for business” based on governance, infrastructure, training and management skills. The NLE is pr oviding support to DFAC in planning and managing the sheep enterprise.

DFAC and other NLE members have been well supported by the Sheep Industry Business Innovation Program (SIBI) from Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, in particular, business planning and on-farm training of managing sheep enterprises. SIBI is continuing to engage with DFAC and the NLE, and is in vestigating the potential for Indigenous branded sheep meat.

Wongutha CAPS and DFAC are providing valuable insights to other NLE members in the techniques and processes required to manage mainstream agriculture enterprises such as sheep production. This is how a grower group adds value by providing information and sharing experiences.