Membership Criteria

NLE membership application includes the following information;

  1. Noongar Landholder Enterprise Group (NLE) membership is restricted to land owning or managing Noongar Entities.
  2. The applying Noongar Entity must show intent by presenting an application letter signed by the Directors accompanied by a motion from the minutes of a general meeting held by the applying Entity that clearly articulates that the members of that meeting agreeing to apply to the NLE to become a member.
  3. The applying Noongar Entity must demonstrate readiness by providing its most recent financial statement, a Title Deed or other appropriate document for its landholding(s) and any recent business, strategic or property plans.
  4. The applying Noongar Entity must appoint two representatives for the Entity that can be either a current Director or an Appointed Officer of the Entity.
  5. The applying Noongar Entity may also nominate two standing proxies for the appointed representatives, who can attend and vote at NLE meetings if the appointed representatives are unable to attend.
  6. At any given time, the majority of Entity appointed representatives on the NLE must be Noongar.
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Simon Wallwork

Executive Officer
Noongar Land Enterprise Group
M 0422 803 890


Noongar Land Enterprise Group
2711 Frankland-Cranbrook Rd,
WA 6321


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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Western Australia, Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) has been instrumental in the development of the NLE Group, providing significant support and assistance.